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On-Line Journals/Blogs

Weekly Writing Assignment    visit website

PR executive Daniel Waldman created this web site because he loves to write, but sometimes life gets in the way of his own creative expression. He has always found that the best way to get his own creative juices flowing is to have an assignment, with a due date, and he's hoping that the assignments on this site spark some great works.
Age 30+: A lifetime of books    visit website

What began as a simple catalog of all the books Heather Johnson read at age 30 has turned into a place to express her love of all things bookish. And guess what? There's a whole community of people just like her out there she discovered.
BitLit    visit website

A blog from the Rose O'Neill Literary House at Washington College.
Beltway Poetry Quarterly    visit website

Since January 2000, Beltway Poetry Quarterly has published poetry by authors who live or work in the capital of the United States. They strive to showcase the richness and diversity of Washington area authors in every issue, with poets from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations represented. The Quarterly has included Pulitzer Prize winners and those who have never previously published. They publish academic, spoken word, and experimental authors--and also those poets whose work defies categorization.
Galleycat    visit website

Browse through nearly 30 categories on Galleycat, a literary blog. Its list of upcoming events, extensive coverage of publishing news, and carefully selected blogrolls make it a handy resource for information about the publishing business.
Bookslut    visit website

Bookslut is a monthly web magazine and daily blog dedicated to those who love to read. The site provides a constant supply of news, reviews, commentary, insight, and more than occasional opinions.
Bookninja    visit website

Bookninja is a premier Canadian literary site, and one of the top literary sites in the world. It is frequented by thousands of people from all around the globe and has become a nexus for literary news and opinion. The site's unique look, content, and acerbic presentation have garnered notice from mainstream media and literary personalities alike.The Bookninja Magazine presents original articles and reviews as well has humour and general interest pieces.
Flavorpill    visit website

Flavorpill is a consolidation of Artkrush, Earplug, and Boldtype that contains insightful art, music, and book content in weekly email publications.
Publishing 2020    visit website

A book publisher's future vision of print, online, video, and all media formats not yet invented.  Joe Wikert is General Manager and Publisher at O'Reilly Media, where he manages the sales and editorial groups. Prior to joining O'Reilly, he was Vice President and Executive Publisher at John Wiley & Sons.
Book Calendar: A Blog About Books    visit website

A blog about anything that has to do with books by a librarian who lives in New York.
National Book Critics Circle Blog    visit website

The National Book Critics Circle, founded in 1974, is a non-profit organization consisting of more than 900 active book reviewers who are interested in honoring quality writing and communicating with one another about common concerns.
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