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A Peachy Life: Waiting on Tables and Beating the Odds in the '60s--An Italian-American Woman's Story

Leonora "Peachy" DiPietro Dixon
ISBN 978-1-936328-04-8
6x9 Trade Pbk, 228 pp.
Retail: $16.95
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Born into an Italian-Catholic family in a tight-knit Baltimore neighborhood, Leonora Dixon recalls the happy days of an innocent childhood. But how would she find the courage to leave a horrible marriage, provide for her daughters, and take charge of her future? "Peachy" Dixon's story is typical of girls born into immigrant families at the onset of World War II. They grew up in the 1950s and '60s immersed in stereotypical roles for women. So when the "man of the family" turns out to be an abusive drug addict, where is a woman and mother to turn? Her story is unique for the time in that she made bold decisions, but the right ones for the safety of her family.

After a series of waitressing jobs at some of Baltimore's most famous restaurants, where she surrounded herself with friends, Leonora now looks back at what has been a "peachy" life.

"Peachy Dixon reveals the diffculties she faced in overcoming adversity, as well as the joys she experienced in everyday life, in a direct and conversational manner that draws the reader in and makes her life so compelling.”
Sandy Unitas
Wife of the Late Johnny Unitas
NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

Foreword by Michael Olesker

About the Author

Leonora "Peachy" Dixon was born on Friday, November 13, 1941, and baptized a month later (on Pearl Harbor Day!). After leaving her abusive husband, Peachy started a series of storied waitressing jobs at such famous Baltimore restaurants as Johnny Unitas' Golden Arm, Haussner's, and -- for the last 40 years -- Sabatino's in Little Italy. She continues to live in the Claremont Street rowhouse that has been in the family for 75 years.

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