Gladiators & Volunteers

CityLit encourages and welcomes volunteers to help achieve its mission. Whether sharing  time and talent through our CityLit Gladiator mentorship program or pitching for a single event, volunteers help to make our world go round.

CityLit Gladiators

CityLit Gladiators are part of a unique mentorship/internship program. CityLit mentors individuals who, in return, contribute their time and expertise to assist with ongoing administrative, development, outreach and event planning duties. They learn first hand what it takes to produce a full-day festival for readers and writers, a three-day event at the Brilliant Baltimore, and the Baltimore Book Festival. They also glimpse the administrative know-how and behind-the-scenes work of running a small nonprofit.

Inspired by the American political thriller television series Scandal, with Gladiators in Suits, the CityLit Gladiators are a team of professional volunteers who take on the roles of fixers and doers. They Get. Things. Done. It’s not lightweight work. It’s not work for the weary. It requires dedicated individuals whose energy aligns with the staff. Along with their full-time jobs, Gladiators work to their strengths and offer necessary assistance to CityLit. Most are published and emerging writers who want a deep dive into the Baltimore region’s literary arts scene. They are the best first step to becoming a CityLit Board Member.


Victoria Sung
Megan DiMatteo
Elizabeth Dunlap (Founding Gladiator)
Merel Ververs-Spiegel


Aditya Desai (Founding Gladiator)
Sylvia Fox
Harford Hopson

Other Volunteers

CityLit encourages and welcomes volunteers to help achieve its mission. Most help is needed for our signature events: the CityLit Festival in the spring and the CityLit Stage in the fall. However, individuals with office skills and almost any other professional skills are also encouraged to contact us.


Gladiators & Volunteers

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Without CityLit, I wouldn’t be the writer and emerging arts leader that I am today. Through this organization I’ve been able to learn about and engage with my writing community here in Baltimore and I take great pride in knowing that as a team we are able to have a similar impact that reaches so many people here.

Elizabeth (Liz) Dunlap, founding CityLit Gladiator, 2019 Urban Arts Leadership Fellow


Apply to become a CityLit volunteer! There are many ways to get involved – event support, admin tasks, research, and so much more. Simply fill out this short form so we can contact you. Of course, the information you provide is just for us; it will not be made public.

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    Some CityLit events take place on multiple floors of a building. While buildings are ADA compliant, please note any health or ability considerations you’d like us to know.

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