CityLit Studio

CityLit Studio – Writers on Craft, Creativity and Community, presented as a part of Free Fall Baltimore, is a unique opportunity for writers to experience readings/lectures by two authors in different genres. Participants engage in deep-dive discussions on craft and the writing process.

Free Fall Baltimore is made possible by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and the generous contributions of the Maryland State Arts Council and BGE.

The Studio is an information and discussion session of key aspects of craft to improve writing and learn the importance of finding artistic communities. Emerging and serious writers, along with the interested general public, get a unique look behind the writing process of two of the region’s esteemed literary stars. A writer-to-writer craft series to help writers and poets envision their art.

In addition to offering significant craft instruction, it gives support and insight into preparing writers for the business of publishing.

CityLit Studio VIII (2023)

Denise Kumani Gantt & Rio Cortez

CityLit Studio VII (2022)

Ada Calhoun & Remica Bingham-Risher

CityLit Studio VI (2021)

Leslie Pietrzyk & Cherie Jones

CityLit Studio V (2020)

Maurice Carlos Ruffin & Donna Hemans

CityLit Studio IV (2019)

David Yezzi & Carmen Giménez Smith

CityLit Studio III (2018)

Danielle Evans & Eugenia Kim

CityLit Studio II (2017)

Derrick Weston Brown & Jocquelyn Downs

CityLit Studio I (2016)

Jen Grow & Sheri Booker

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I can apply these poetry editing and writing practices to any genre. Also, maybe I should try some poetry.

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