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CityLit Festival presents Literary Artists: Artificial Intelligence and Authentic Innovation

April 20 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Literary Artists: Artificial Intelligence and Authentic Innovation
The Writer’s Room with Marita Golden and Kendra Kopelke

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
Zamoiski Room



*THE WRITER’S ROOM*, which debuted at the virtual 2021 CityLit Festival, is designed to engage participants face-to-face with authors in an informal conversation about the different aspects of writing, including questions about craft, research, writing process, challenges, and publication. Featured authors get a chance to wind down from being ‘on’ and simply engage with the writers assembled about all sorts of things. In the past, Emily St. John Mandel, Terrance Hayes, Nikky Finney, Jenny Offi ll, Hanif Abdurraqib, Fatimah Asghar, and Roxane Gay participated and simply loved it. Roxane Gay was so taken by the diverse and inclusive writers assembled that – to our delight and surprise, she stayed for an hour. A hit with festival attendees! This year’s featured TWRs are meant to engage you and for you to ask questions: Literary ArtIsts: AI & Authentic Innovations & Writing While Aging.

What the printing press did for publishing, what the personal computer did for writing, and what the Internet did for marketing, AI is the next transformative technology impacting the literary arts. It is here to stay and it won’t stay put. What are its pitfalls, what are its upsides, and how do writers and publishers keep pace with the changes it ushers in? From creation to copyright, from morality to monetization, from benignity to biases, AI now touches every aspect of the journey from artist to audience. Join two creatives who shed light on AI, and the role it plays in the life of writers and publishers who are thinking carefully about how AI is changing the literary arts. Writer, publisher, teacher, arts administrator, founder of CityLit Project, and the Director of Mason Creative Writing, GREGG WILHELM, also co-founded Watershed Lit: Center for Literary Engagement and Publishing Practice, a collective of organizations whose missions create and promote transformative experiences in the literary arts. WENDY QUEEN is the Director of Project MUSE at Johns Hopkins University Press, whose leadership and contributions have ensured that MUSE continues to innovate across its platform and business models for the benefit of its partner publishers.






CityLit Project and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra in partnership with Chesapeake Shakespeare Company present CityLit Festival: Dismantling the Culture of Silence. This celebration of the arts showcases a bevy of leading poets and writers on April 20, 2024. We’re talking fiction, nonfiction, poetry galore, and ways to up the ante on your craft.

Download the CityLit Festival: Dismantling the Culture of Silence flyer.


April 20
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm